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 Weaving detail from my last class project. I've been really missing the weaving studio this past couple weeks.  We hiked then we went for our first dip in the majestic Slocan Lake today. It's still cold.  Love this pic @victoirelovesya took of the linen/blend Hellebore romper!  Happy Mother's Day to all of you moms out there. The moms in my life are the strongest people I know. I have so much respect and admiration for y'all. Here's my mom as a 21 year old with me. She's the kindest and most gentle person a daughter can ask for ❤️❤️❤️  100% Linen in berry. Available in a few different styles, here's a snippet of the Trapper dress. I love this fabric so much, it's tough, delicate, crisp and soft. Also available in natural and blue.  Finally had a chance to ride my new (to me) bike . Thanks for pointing me in the right direction @dylandoubt I got the Raleigh (Kelowna)  Weekend Spring Sale. The Nakuru line is on sale until Monday. Follow link in profile to the shop page.
 Another batch of painted silk cotton tops headed for @general54mtl  @wadeswagar and I hadn't anticipated on completely stripping this '68 Airstream down to its barebones but turns out we had to. New wiring, frame welded where needed, next week a new sub floor will be installed, and the shell will be sealed and insulated. Then the work we thought we only needed to do will begin! @futurecraftmobile the 2nd will be one solid and amazing Airstream in the end. Thanks to everyone who has lent there expertise!  Detail shot of the linen Anemone tops. I'm sewing a batch up now.  Around 11 years ago I had really just met @cterepocki when she asked me to be her business partner in what was the most exciting idea to me, to refurbish a 1968 Airstream into a retail space and sell Canadian made craft. Starting out as the Very Hush Hush, nestled between the All Season's and Bibo, (Nelson BC) we hosted bands, fundraisers, fashion shows, and vended at some very memorable Calgary Folk Fests. A few years ago we rebranded the Airstream to @futurecraftmobile taking it on the road to design shows in Vancouver, San Francisco, Seattle and Portland. The past 10 years working with Cathy has been incredibly inspiring, adventurous and easy. I couldn't ask for a better business partner or friend. Recently an opportunity to sell the Airstream presented it self so we jumped on it, that cute little '64 Safari that was a labour of love and provided us with so much opportunity and good times for Cathy and I is no longer with us. However I am moving on to a similar project, sadly with out Cathy. Wade and I (and lots of help!) are currently working on a '68 Airstream, we'll be parked in Nelson early July for the summer with special handmade goods! Swipe for more photos.  #poodle#wheatenterrier#rottweiler#anatolianshepherd#malamute Cross ❤️ Charlie  Currently. A week ago @wadeswagar and I started to deconstruct this fully camperized '68 Airstream that we had abandoned in the woods since '08. Last Wed I was so overwhelmed. There was a lot of dirt, grease, mold and about 25 animal nests. (All vacated) as well as all the appliances, bathroom.... Splitting my time in here, getting orders done and wrapping up my weaving project for school all under a deadline. Hard work feels good.  big project underway. #68overlander
 Linen tanks and dresses. 3 different colours to choose from, berry, sky or oat.  Happy to be stocking @sprucecollective ! A nice selection headed off their way today, Including the Wallflower dress in organic cotton.  We checked on bees today and they are doing so well! Sort of making me feel bad (sure also inspired) with there perfect high functioning ways all whilst keeping a clean house. Check out that smarty pants in the middle with her pollen filled sacs. I love them so.  Love this image @migrationboutique posted of the linen blend Kiso skirt and organic cotton Aster tank. @raisa.k  @joymotz pulling off light pink and cinnamon/orange quite nicely. Organic cotton bamboo Linden tee and linen blend Kiso skirt. Working hard in the studio for the next many many days.  Gorgeous Lucy in the Organic cotton/bamboo Linden tee and Kiso skirt.