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 Wednesday market flowers make me pretty happy.  Shop scenes. @futurecraft.airstream we are open at 10 every morning- closing earlier this week (about 5)  In Bee news. Picked up a third hive last night, I just did an inspection on the other 2 and pulled about 7 frames of honey got stung 3 times- last one hurt like hell so I had to run away (wasps send me to the ER) so @wadeswagar went to finish up. Squeezing all of this in feels crazy right now, but so satisfying to see all that honey!  My flower and plant experiments have been so gratifying! Rhubarb mordants, iris, lupine, rose, cochineal...This stuff makes my heart flutter. Feather light silk crop tops. I think I will wear this over a dress.  Restock shipped out to the lovely @sprucecollective in Abbotsford today. There's a few reasons to stop in that town, @fieldhousebrewing is amazing, best sour I've had to date, as well @oldhandcoffee is a pretty sweet coffee shop. But I know you guys are wondering "what about this dress?" It's the WallFlower dress in black tencel. A timeless minimal beauty you could wear any where anytime and eat a whole turkey without feeling uncomfortable like those high waisted jeans do.(that I also love)
 Just brought this plant dyed RAW silk top in to @futurecraft.airstream I used osage, purple Iris, logwood, some kind of pink flower, and a quick rhubarb mordant. This raw silk is something else.  OPEN! Kind of a soft opening. I'll be open today until about 2 or 3 and again tomorrow at 10 am! I am so excited about all of the work in here! I am right by the co op entrance. And I have air-conditioning. @futurecraft.airstream  Silky tops dyed with rhubarb, logwood, Osage, and Iris. I nerd out on nature everyday, adding it to my work has me feeling like only emojis can express. 🤓⚡️🦄☀️✌️ a small batch of these will be available soon @futurecraft.airstream  @wadeswagar and I spent some time on Slocan Lake to straighten out our heads today.  Happy Father's Day to my amazing dad. He spent his day yesterday installing the floor with Wade. (This moment of him not working is very rare) and my mom helped me in my studio. I am one fortunate grown up. Both parents still here, both so very supportive. Feeling grateful. @futurecraftmobile
 A small selection of plant dyed silk tops available @futurecraft.airstream now.  So that 10 am opening time will be more like 11ish . Positioning it into its new spot was quite the task tonight!  I know no one likes a bragger but I haven't had to buy garlic is a few years 🤗Scapes are ready! My fav- fried in butter and s&p on salads, or toast, on anything.  Sometimes you have to stop what you're doing and put your hat on your dog.  No rain no flowers.