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 Avocado first turned this stark white silk to this pretty blush then onion skins and plant matter from the yard with iron. This yardage made my heart sing. Swipe for more details. Dm me if interested in a scarf or top in this dye batch. Have a lovely Saturday!  Kenai dress is now available on line! Eco friendly black tencel, screen printed in copper and deep blue front&back, and of course pockets. This versatile dress can be worn all year long. Hope you all are having a nice Sunday.  After 10 amazing days travelling around the Netherlands with a dear friend then home to a walk in the snowy woods  I am so very happy right now.  I made some performance art on the last day. pc @cterepocki  Tal R in the wonderful @boijmans museum. I thoroughly enjoyed this- here's a small sample of many.  A couple shots from the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam today. The library, a painting I love by Hendrick Avercamp and an antique textile.  Slocan valley treasures. 50/50 they forgot the sprinkler on in a random spot or are trying to get all Andy Goldsworthy. It looked pretty great. With @mimaeden
 Went for a walk @whitewaterskiresort this morning.  Also- looking for a split board if any Nelson or Vancouver people know of one for a 5'6" gal.  Tomorrow is the last day for Free shipping- use code November at check out & new dyed tops were added today. Off topic but what the hell was episode 7 of Stranger Things about! Gee whiz. WHY?  Free Shipping store widehere's the new Boreal dress in Navy-soft bamboo cotton jersey that is oh so comfy. Use code November at checkout. Link in profile.  Sure Swan, I’ll take your photo.  Rotterdam! This city was near completely destroyed in WW11 , it's been rebuilt with the most stunning architecture. Mixed in with the canals, very very old boats the few remaining churches and structures this city is breathtaking. This first image is Market Hall, it's massive as is the building you see through the window. Second photo are the cubic houses.  Dutch woollen caps worn by whalers. Archaeologists discovered the graves of 185 Dutchmen who had died in the 17th century wearing these caps. #funfacts #amsterdam  One silk crepe de chin plant dyed top left. (I haven't had time to do any online updates ) this is size 2-4 measures 20.5"wide 19" long can be worn reversible and the last pic is a top of same cut worn. $138 CAN please dm me if interested ! Thanks!!
 Lots and lots of dyeing cloth with plants in the studio right now! Making some special pieces for @shinyfuzzymuddy  Raw silk plant dyed items have been added to the shop. Use the code November to get free shipping store wide until Wednesday. Link in profile.  New Boreal dress is now available online. This super soft comfy bamboo/cotton jersey dress is available in forest green, navy or light grey micro stripe. free shipping⚡️this week! Follow link in profile. Use code November at check out for free shipping.  Morning bike ride along the canal in Rotterdam yesterday was pretty fun.  Currently at Dutch design week. In the past 2 days I've seen hundreds (feels like 1000) different artists and designers work. Everything from robots,cows blood pressed into a record of a cows heart beating, clever furniture, lots of COLOUR, little galleries in very old buildings, cool sustainability concepts and on and on...then good bands at night. So tired and content. The last photo- in all of the contemporary work, was this one museum gallery with ancient artifacts and art restoration plus a couple dinosaurs. Really topped it off.  We made it to the Netherlands! In the past few sleep deprived hours I've observed: lots of attractive people riding bikes, good beer, flowers, cute architecture, and very nice people once you make them sit with you at a bar.