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 About 12 belts fresh off the loom, all different. I’ve been wanting to incorporate handwoven pieces with my work for so long! I’m really enjoying my job these days.  You can now find some new spring designs at this sweet Vancouver shop @gatleyoncommercial   Distill tunic and new spring styles headed to the lovely shop @3singingbirdswhistler ☀️ @novemberwild  Winter just wouldn’t be the same without you @whitewaterskiresort  Another one of my niece (wearing the new Ella dress) and mom (wearing past season-I had such a great get away with these two and my dad this week. Thrift scores, good wine & food, lots of laughs and a few tears, hours in the pottery studio and sunshine. I love my family. #lucky  I called this dress Copper... I know super creative name. It has a copper screen print on the front side- see it being printed in my stores right now.  Imogen kimono coat- 100% Linen. This fabric is this one will just get better with age. New spring clothes available now.  @novemberwild #ethicallymade
 When I need a break in the sewing studio I go to the room next door and weave. I’m instantly happy and relaxed. Though... when in the sewing studio I listen to a lot of true crime lately while when I weave it’s music...🤔. Belts coming soon.  29cms @whitewaterskiresort another amazing day, I would really love another 2 months of storms up there however the 10’ snow banks in my yard have over stayed their welcome.  Alternate caption- The first 2 runs I actually felt like a silent owl flying through the forest. (surely I looked more like a wild turkey trying to fly)  Silk & Hemp  I’m pretty excited about weaving belts, I’m wrapped up in wholesale orders these days but soon it will just be me and my loom! (In the evenings at least) Colour combo suggestions? I’m always going for neutrals... but colour may be nice with these simple org. cotton dresses. Otherwise it’ll be all greys and whites.. with a little bit of peach...  I don’t really get into Valentine’s day (except to promote a sale🤗)but then drank too much wine. So- here’s me and my Valentine of 23 years- from a bike trip around Portland a while ago. @wadeswagar you are my Valentine (an understatement really)  Ilsa pantsuit in cotton/linen. Keyhole opening with button on the back. This may be my spring uniform.  Weaving❤️
 A selection of linen and organic cotton dresses and tops are now available at the beautiful shop @room6deepcove ☀️  SALE today in honour of Women’s day. 15% off and free shipping. Use code Women. Here’s my mom and my niece.❤️ sale ends at midnight tonight.  Ilsa pantsuit in cotton/linen and other new designs will be available @migrationboutique at their new location! Congrats on the new space @migrationboutique it looks beautiful!  #Repost from @no6coffee -Nelson friends, if you haven't tried their coffee yet you must! ・・・ W E A R E S T O R I E S • Over a plate of gooey, crispy, delicious chocolate chip cookies, I looked around in the @we.are.stories home studio. Though Tracy and I met way back in November, hearing this conversation played through my headphones pushed me forcefully back into that wooden chair next to the sewing machine. We sipped cups of french-press brew and talked about everything from roasting coffee to raising bees, and of course, about her work in textiles. . At the time, Tracy was experimenting with plant-based dyes. She unfurled a tightly-wrapped roll of fabric, spilling eucalyptus leaves and avocado peels onto the wooden table and revealing a beautifully dappled sheet of colour that would become a deep earthy dress to be treasured. “This is the work I’m enjoying right now.” She took me to the room next door, where a massive octopus of machinery sat. A loom. The excitement danced in Tracy’s eyes, as she sat at the loom describing all that it was going to enable her to do. . We are Stories is ten years in the making (breaks included,) and over that much time, it’s become clear to Tracy that finding inspiration in your work is paramount. Another parallel exists here, as our founder has worn many hats before coffee. “I met Denis through his pottery.” Tracy has been following along for a long time, and she’s happy to see his drive to create still going strong. Modulated over time, but focused on passion and quality. . Keep your eyes on @we.are.stories – this is wearable artwork. PS. She just told me that she had the best cup of coffee of her life at our roastery(!!!) . Photo credit: @thomasnowa #locallyroasted #microroaster #thirdwave #thirdwavecoffee #tastingbar #artisancoffee #artisan #artisanal #shopsmall #shoplocal #supportlocal #coffeelifestyle #drinkcoffee #coffeetime #coffeelife #caffeinelife #caffeinecouture #coffeelove #specialtycoffee #butfirstcoffee #blackcoffee #igcoffee #sustainability #handmade  Valentines flash SALE! Free Shipping and 15% off entire order. Now until Wednesday midnight. Use code Valentines at checkout. 🤗❤️  @novemberwild  Ella dress in stripes, made from soft cotton/hemp. S/S18  @novemberwild