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 Plant dye silk tops floating around. @futurecraft.airstream  Such a fun day hiking, hot springs and dinner (the restaurant at Ainsworth is ) with my mom, sister and niece. So many laughs. My family is the best.  Plant dye magic! Silk dyed tops available @futurecraft.airstream  Pollen pattern. These girls are so damn smart, creative and hard working.  Hiked Alps Alturus then a swim in Slocan Lake today with these guys and my sis and niece. This place sure offers endless adventure and beauty. So very content.  Saturdays day hike from Valhalla lodge was   White porcelain objects  @futurecraft.airstream
 I made just one of these scarves, it's available @futurecraft.airstream right now. Silk wool dyed with walnut, logwood and Eco printed with Sumac. It's nice and big!  New cozy comfortable bamboo dresses and plant dyed scarves coming soon! Just had a fun little shoot with this amazing woman! @sophielinerichard thank you!!  A small selection of linen "sweatshirts" will be available @futurecraft.airstream as of Thursday. The season is wrapping up at the shop- only 9 more days left! Open Thursdays-Saturdays 10-5 until Sept 30th. I kept one of two of these blue/grey tops... there's one more size small.  New plant dyed/Eco printed silk tops and scarves will be available @futurecraft.airstream tomorrow open 10-5 Wed-Saturday this week. Send me a message if interested in seeing more for online purchase of one of these nature loving pieces.  These are reflections on a crystal clear calm lake in the early morning. In the moment It had me losing my mind.  Canoeing at dawn this morning on McKean lake in the Valhallas. I just spent the last three days in the alpine with 7 amazing ladies. We scrambled up high, swam in a crystal clear lake, cooked gourmet meals with wine and cocktails, and laughed until we cried. I really can't wait to do this again. #paradisecanada
 Dye samples from my natural dye class @kootenaystudioarts All this colour from plants.  SALE STUFF @futurecraft.airstream including a few of these pantsuits. Open Thursday-Sat until the end of the month.  New linen tops coming soon.  I have a new batch of plant dyed/Eco printed silks ready for @futurecraft.airstream for tomorrow! There's a nice range of dark and moody and light and bright! Raw silk, silk/wool and crepe the chine. This weeks hours Wed-Sat 10-5  This past weekend in the Valhallas was amazing.  If I were a bunch of flowers I'd want to be dahlias.