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 Somehow I missed national puppy day yesterday.  Nellie, Hank and Charlie make me smile a hundred times a day.  Yup eggs. BUT our 11 hens were free loaders all winter till this past week- today this is what I collected from the past two days, our babies have laid their first eggs (the blue ones) In bee news one hive is still alive, I'm not sure about the other one though, there's been no sign of life 🤔. These are welcome signs of spring even though there's still 3 feet of snow in our yard!  Finished part 1 of my first weaving project. I regrettably picked a pretty easy pattern, next project I want to go big, which I'll probably slightly regret.  My time seems to be divided by so many good things these days, a bit overwhelmed but super happy about it.  Our house is in that sliver of light. I love waking up to this scene (at least for a few months of year, I'm not crazy) ❄️ Have a nice Wednesday everyone!  An hour ago I posted that I had one green Bryce dress left... Well I just noticed that I had sold it yesterday . (I'm an amazing business woman). But I did just put these pretty organic cotton wrap tops on sale. I have one size left in each, I'm pretty sure. Follow link in profile for the shop.  I finally found time to start this little project and I'm at a standstill- no damn felting needle for the ends. But check out this wool rope It's so nice to work with.  The last 3 days snowboarding @whitewaterskiresort have been pure joy. Especially today- we're still smiling over here. ❄️❄️ and- this was our last run today, (legs were shaking) Wade landed this jump cartwheeling and somersaulting then hitting a tree. He's fine. All I saw was this then a few seconds later branches breaking.  so much fun.
 A print I was waiting on finally showed up, this means new pieces and a fun photo shoot today with @lucyrossse New items coming soon! #putabirdonit  @novemberwild is having a giveaway of her photography services. I've worked with Bree before, she is an absolute delight, very professional and takes stunning photos. Happy Birthday Bree!!   @novemberwild  Alaska dress has little white and gold speckles I screen printed on it, I'm quite smitten with it. This one along with its friends on route to @migrationboutique  Lots of work coming out of the studio this week. @be.solelycanadian was shipped out a few days ago so items like this light organic cotton jacket "river" will be available very soon!  I swear I get more work done in a day if the first half of it is spent up here! Like today   Weaving on a nice big floor loom! I'm taking weaving classes at KSA this winter and I'm so smitten! It's so fun, there's so much to learn and I am trying to be patient.  Custom painted silk/cotton top for a customer love my customers! Blue, grey and peach. ☀️
 I woke up feeling really excited about this Monday and the coming week. Something has shifted in a very positive way. (Just now realizing it's the first day of springSending love out to my sweet niece @gemelya who will love this pic of her close friend and my wonderful model @joymotz who agreed to pose with my favourite chicken on a very cold day! Have a great week everyone, I hope the sun is shining on you all. This is the MayFlower dress, organic cotton with pockets.  Hellebore jumper, made with a linen blend that has a little stretchThis and lots more headed off to super sweet shop @victoirelovesya  Today was my kind of day. Up at dawn, finished, packed up and shipped out orders, snowboarding with Wade, ramen, then a couple hours in the weaving studio where I played around with some inlay technics I've been wanting to try.  Today; Ironing and folding linen pieces for orders after a glorious cross country ski along the Slocan River. This winter has been amazing and I'm not ready for it to be over.  @joymotz looking so gorgeous! Wearing the new Anemone linen top.I'm in the middle of a website update right now, but I have posted a few things to the online shop with site update coming soon.  New SS17 catalogue is ready. Organic cotton, linen and tencel. Shown here is the FoxGlove dress in Icy Blue organic cotton.